Metropolitan Mobility Conference 2019

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The Metropol region of Amsterdam keeps on growing and expanding. How can we facilitate the increasing traffic with a minimal impact on the public-space, air-quality and public-health? How can we keep travelling affordable for travellers, companies and the government? And how do we anticipate the challenges and possibilities of the future? These are the central questions we strive to answer during the Metropolitan Mobility Conference.

In three days we will discuss mobility in the Amsterdam Metropolitan region and the rest of the world. With (international) keynote speakers.

These events are part of the Metropolitan Mobility Conference. More information per event will follow at the end of the overview. As well as information on the Bicycle Architecture Biennale.

Getting Around Smart

Who’s driving the digital revolution?
Tuesday 18 June 2019 – from 09.30 hours in CIRCL
Tickets are available via this link.

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Technology and data are getting increasingly important in mobility. It used to be an endless source of possibilities in search of a problem. But nowadays technology and data are forming an integral part of mobility. Think about sharing mobility, electric charging points, apps and e-tickets in public-transport. We will discuss the latest developments on mobility and technology with national and international speakers.

BREAKOUT #1: WeMakeThe.City New Kids on the Block Award 2019
What is the best start-up or scale-up in mobility? Twelve startups compete for the WeMakeThe.City New Kids on the Block Award 2019.
BREAKOUT #2: E-mobility: Getting smart with data
Presentation of the E-mobility project of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.
BREAKOUT #3: Challenges for Mobility-as-a-Service
What are the challenges we face with the introduction of Mobility-as-a-Service. What values are important in creating new platforms and how can we help new initiatives grow?

Autoluwe Stad

About smart mobility in healthy cities.
Wednesday 19 June 2019 – from 09.30 hours in CIRCL
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Plans to use the public space for other means then driving lanes and parking spots are developed around the world. This means an end to seventy years of car dominance in our streets and cities. How can smart mobility add to more accessible and healthy cities?

BREAKOUT #1: Bike & City
How do you choose the best route for your travels? When do you take the car and when the public transport? And how rational are you in making these decisions? Besides this, the public health service of Amsterdam will present their project CLAIR CITIES.
BREAKOUT #2: Car(e)free Cities (ENG)
With examples from Europe and India, the Carfree Cities Alliance will discuss the opportunities for a real carfree city. Is this achievable or desirable?
EXCURSIE: Universiteitskwartier
How does the carless future of the Binnengasthuisterrein look like?
Residents, students, workers, and tourists are sharing public space. After a walk through the neighborhood, we will look for solutions to cope with the high ambitions of the Universiteitskwartier.

Green Logistics

Impact and challenges of the logistics sector in Metropol region Amsterdam.
Thursday 20 June 2019 – from 09.30 hours in RAI AMSTERDAM
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The Metropolitan region of Amsterdam has a rich and proud history of industry and logistics. The harbour of Amsterdam, the Zaan industry, the airport of Schiphol and Greenport Aalsmeer are all connecting the Metropolitan region of Amsterdam with the rest of the world. This gives a lot of opportunities but the success also has some downsides: nuisance for residents and the environment, congestion in the air, on the road, on rail, and water. It’s time for smarter and cleaner transport to strengthen the metropolitan region of Amsterdam. That’s why we will take a closer look, from mainport-logistics to urban- and city-logistics.

BREAKOUT #1: Masterclass Hydrogen
Is hydrogen the energy source of the future? What is technically and economically achievable? And how does this add up to the greening of logistics?
BREAKOUT #2: Case: Zuidas
Catering logistics on the Zuidas. How can we make the supply chain of our catering industry smarter and cleaner in the future? The University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam in cooperation with Hello Zuidas have done a case study on this topic.
BREAKOUT #3: Smart City Logistics
In cooperation with BYCS and the Green Business Club about bike logistics and cityhubs.

Bicycle Architecture Biennale

The Bicycle Architecture Biennale will show the role of the bike in the city of the future.
Tuesday 18 up to and including Sunday 24 June in CIRCL

Xiamen Bicycle Skyway, Dissing + Weitling

The Bicycle Architecture Biennale (BAB) is a prestigious travelling exposition of outstanding architectonic designs from around the world which are putting the bicycle first. After a successful first edition, which inspired thousands of visitors with new insights to redesign cities, the BAB will return!
The BAB is an initiative of BYCS, an Amsterdam based social enterprise which is stimulating bicycle use in cities worldwide.