Bike & City

The role of the bicycle in the city of the future.

The reason for this special edition of the Bike and City program, is the world premiere of the new Bicycle Architecture Biennale (BAB) during WeMakeThe.City in Circl. During this program we will examine the special selected projects of the BAB. What role do these architectural objects play in their environment? We will also look at the role of the bicycle in the city of the future. What will our cities look like if they become more human (and bicycle) centric?

Bicycle Architecture Biennale

The Bicycle Architecture Biennale (BAB) is a prestigious showcase of cutting edge and high profile building designs that are facilitating bicycle travel and transforming communities around the world. It shows that cities that put cycling at the heart of urban design unlock massive social, economic and environmental gains. It was conceived by BYCS as a way to inspire people around the world to imagine new possibilities for human-centric cities. It was borne out of their bold mission, 50by30: 50% of all city trips by bike by 2030. After a hugely successful first run, the BAB returns with 15 new groundbreaking designs, curated by our partner, the award winning NEXT Architects. It launches as one of the flagship events during the WeMakeThe.City Festival in Circl. Bart Reuser (Next Architects) will give a presentation about his role as a curator for this exhibition. Why did he select these projects for this exhibition and what is his own vision on bicycle architecture? A couple of architects who made the selection will join him on stage to give some information about their projects.

Dutch Designs for a Cycling Country

The Netherlands can be seen as one of the major cycling countries in the world, and the Dutch central government, local municipalities, engineers and architects are developing policies and projects that are on the forefront of stimulating and facilitating cycling in our cities. Nevertheless, new issues arise that have not been investigated yet – especially in a spatial sense. This raises the question of which spatial measures can we take to keep our cities and villages attractive for cycling in the future. In order to explore these issues, the Dutch Board of Government Advisors (College van Rijksadviseurs) has initiated the project ‘ Dutch designs for Cycling Country’ (ontwerpen aan Nederland Fietsland), in which design thinking is applied to a number of specific issues in the four largest cities of the Netherlands. A number of lessons / results that have emerged from this research will be shown through text and especially images as part of the Bicycle Architecture Biennale. Mike Emmerik (Dutch Board of Government Advisors) will give a presentation about this project and Ria Hilhorst (Municipality of Amsterdam) and Dirk van Peijpe (De Urbanisten) will talk about their research and vision about the bicycle neighborhood of the future.

Livable cities

Before we focus on the Bicycle Architecture Biennale we will discuss some other important topics that are crucial to keep our cities livable in the future, like: health, inclusivity and clean air. The bicycle could have a massive role within these topics. Adam Stones (BYCS), Stephanie Geertman (HvA) and Stephan Slingerland (Trinomics) will talk about this.

With in this break-outsession:

  • Bart Reuser – Founding partner NEXT architects
  • Mike Emmerik – College van Rijksadviseurs
  • Ria Hilhorst – Advisor Bike Policy, Municipality of Amsterdam
  • Dirk van Peijpe – De Urbanisten
  • Andrew Ainsworth – Coniglio Ainsworth Architects
  • Adam Stones – Communications Director BYCS
  • Stephanie Geertman – University of Applied Sciences
  • Stephan Slingerland – Trinomics
  • Tycho Smit – Trinomics


13.30 – 14.45 H Round I

14.45 – 15.05 H Coffee- and tea-break

15.05 – 16.15 H Round II

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  • Break-outsessie

Woensdag 19 juni 13.30 - 16.30
Circl, Gustav Mahlerplein 1B, 1082 MS in Amsterdam.

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