The Market as accelerator for a circular foodchain

The Market as accelerator for a circular foodchain

How can you work together, with entrepreneurs, market vendors and residents, to realize a circular market for everyone? And what role could the market play in connecting its residents and surroundings?

The municipality of Amsterdam sees a lot of potential in the area of ​​the circular economy, mainly in the redesign of the organic waste stream chains in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. A great opportunity for the new market to play a role here as an accelerator of a circular food chain. What are the opportunities for closing cycles on a small scale? And how do we connect and strengthen innovative parties to achieve this?

With an expedition to Plein ’40-’45, we will look deeper into how you can transform towards a circular, diverse and connecting market.

13:30 Start presentations at Amsterdam Smart City at Marineterrein

14:10 Bus ride to Plein ’40-’45

14:45 Expedition to Plein 40-45

15:15 Departure to Scheepvaart Museum

15:45 Arrival at Scheepvaart Museum

16.00 Closing Ceremony

About Plein ’40-’45

Plein ’40-’45 is an important provider of food for the neighborhood and its surroundings; it may well be the largest concentration of food supply in the city. However, there was need for a new form of organization to improve the value of the market for the neighborhood and its visitors. Through self-organization and ownership, the market is making a transformation towards a circular, diverse and connecting market. How could such an organization be formed? And what are the challenges in realizing such a transformation? For who exactly is the market? And how does this shape the identity of the market? In this expedition, we will delve in the process, challenges and future prospects of the transforming market Plein ’40-’45.

With Andrew McCue, Sustainability Consultant Metabolic, Dirk Koolen, oprichter Second Love Food, Jeffrey Spangenberg (MRA Food Council) en Redouan Boussaid (Omgevingsmanager Plein 40-45) .

Dinsdag 18 juni 13.30 - 16.30
Amsterdam Smart Ciy - Marineterrein, Kattenburgerstraat 196 1018 JA Amsterdam

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