How Finland solved homelessness

Lessons from Juha Kaakinen (CEO Y-Foundation, Helsinki)

How can we end homelessness in the Netherlands? In this session we will zoom in on Finland, the only country where homelessness is decreasing. In other cities in the world, like Amsterdam, homelessness is unfortunately on the rise. How did Finland succeed in combating homelessness? The answer seems simple: give homes to homeless people. Which lessons can be learned from Finnish Housing First Principle and can be applied in the Dutch context?

In this inspiration-session we dive deeper into the Finnish Housing First principle. With Juha Kaakinen, we will explore the Finnish Housing First model not only as a principle, but also as an ideology, a way of thinking and as an operating model. How can we give an impulse to ending homelessness in the Netherlands?

With professionals from the municipality, welfare organizations like the Salvation Army and HVO-Querido, social housing associations, researchers and (former) homeless people, we will discuss the current strategies on ending homelessness and explore to what extent the Finnish model could be applicable in Amsterdam as well.

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  • Break-outsessie

Woensdag 19 juni 13.30 - 15.30
Bijlmerparktheater, Anton de Komplein 240, 1102 DR Amsterdam

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