FabCity Summit

Old and new cities of the Fab City network present best practices on how to create locally productive, globally connected cities.

In 2016, Amsterdam hosted the first ever Fab City Campus. A living, interactive space in which the citizens of Amsterdam and beyond could experience the potential of life inside a Fab City. This conference showcases how different each city undertakes their own unique journey to achieve self-sufficience.

‘Fab City living’ is the concern of the Fab City Global Initiative, which is actualising the shift away from the industrial paradigm of Product-in Trash-out, by enabling the return of manufacture to cities supported by a Data-in Data-out urban model. Working at many levels from the local to the global, it comprises an impressive network of 28 cities. By 2054, we hope that citizens beyond Amsterdam are familiar with Fab City living in locally productive, globally connected cities. Annually, new cities join the network. This year we invite new cities to present themselves and begin their journey locally.


20.00 – 20.05

Welcome by Wilbert van de Kamp

20.05 – 20.15

Introduction presentation by Tomas Diez

20.15 – 20.25

Presentation by Karen van der Moolen (De Waag)

20.25 – 21:00

Panel discussion: Locally productive, globally connected. Moderated by Wilbert van de Kamp.

  • Hyebin Goo – Director at Seoul Innovation Park’s Fab Lab
  • Anna Majó – Director of Digital Innovation at the Barcelona City Council
  • Guilherme Nafalski – Coordinator of Digital Convergence of the City of São Paulo
  • Elizabeth Corbin – Co-chairwoman of the Fab City Foundation.

21.00 – 21.50

New Cities joining the Fab City Global Initiative. Are you ready to press the button to achieve local self-sufficiency by 2054?  Hosted by Kate Armstrong – Fab City Foundation

21.50 – 21.55

Fab City Summit 2020 – Montreal invites you to join next summer

21.55 – 22.00

Closing by Wilbert van de Kamp

> 22.00

Drinks at the bar

Image © Jitske Schols – FabCity Summit 2016


  • Urban Talk

Donderdag 20 juni 20.00 - 22.00
Pakhuis de Zwijger, Piet Heinkade 179, 1019 HC, Amsterdam

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