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Join renegade economist and doughnut creator Kate Raworth, deputy mayor Marieke van Doorninck and more than 100 circular economy initiatives in the region on the journey towards a new, future proof economy. And follow the afternoon workshop to see how your own business can fit within the doughnut.

Amsterdam is doing well, but not everybody is able to profit. The city is growing, there’s growing competition for precious space. Do we still have enough green areas? Where do we leave our waste? Can we call a halt to food waste and air pollution?

Our current economic system seems to be aiming at producing, consuming and discarding. Consumption and production within the city has its impact on the whole world. How do we keep our neighborhoods and cities livable, sustainable and safe for everybody?

Big ambitions
Amsterdam has big ambitions. In 2050 the city aims to only use clean energy and reuse all of its resources. How do we do that? And what do you want the Amsterdam metropolitan area to look like? What developments inspire you? Join in the conversation.

Doughnut economy
In order to realize its ambitions Amsterdam has teamed up with Kate Raworth to form a framework to apply the principles of the doughnut economy in the city. During this conference Kate Raworth and deputy mayor Marieke van Doorninck will elaborate on this framework that fits economic activities between a social foundation and an ecological ceiling. This should create a safe and just place, where society can flourish without harming our planet. The framework should deliver the building blocks for a circular economy.

Doing business within the doughnut
After this day you’ll know everything about the doughnut economy, you’ll meet circular economy initiatives within the region and in the afternoon workshop with Kate Raworth you’ll get to know what it takes to make your own business fit within the doughnut.

Be part of the doughnut movement in the city and join this sizzling melting pot of doughnut enthusiasts.



  • Kate Raworth – author Doughnut Economics
  • Marieke van Doorninck – Wethouder Duurzaamheid Amsterdam
  • Annerieke Douma – director programme & business development Circle Economy


  • Freke van Nimwegen – Instock
  • Maarten Markus – AM
  • Jeanet van Antwerpen – Schiphol Area Development Company
  • Els Lenting – Dutch Centre for Circular Textile
  • Annelies Spork – House of Skills

11.30 – 11.50 AM   COFFEE BREAK

11.50 AM – 12.30 PM  MARKETPLACE (reserve now)

Lively marketplace where circular initiatives in the Amsterdam Metropolitan area can meet, with a soapbox session for innovators and investors. With small group sessions on:

  • Investor stage with startups Block-e, Iconic Energy Storage, Living Light, Solar Visuals and Voltogo present themselves
  • Building and area development | Maarten Markus – AM
  • Food | Mara van der Kleij – Gemeente Amsterdam
  • Textiles | Hans Bon & Els Lenting – Dutch Centre for Circular Textile
  • Skills & jobs | Annelies Spork – House of Skills & Joke Dufourmont – Circle Economy

12.30 – 1.30 PM   LUNCH



2.30 – 5.00 PM Doing business within the doughnut (reserve now)

Allow yourself to be vulnerable and critical about yourself and start out on a journey to make your own enterprise fit within the doughnut. Kate Raworth will let you investigate how well your own enterprise does when it comes to purpose, governance, networks, ownership and finance. A workshop that all of us should take.

  • Kate Raworth – auteur Doughnut Economics



  • Metropolitan Conference

Woensdag 19 juni 09.30 - 16.30
Circl, Gustav Mahlerplein 1B, 1082 MS in Amsterdam.

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