Image Hart voor de Kbuurt ©Michiel Wijnbergh


Heart for the K-Buurt

Building together towards a better living and working environment

During WeMakeThe.City, local community network Hart voor de K-Buurt (Heart for the K-neighbourhood) and the festival are joining forces. For seven days, local residents and entrepreneurs will work alongside international experts and field experts on finding solutions for the urgent urban issues. 

K-Buurt is made out of raw concrete and a lot of love. It’s located next to underground station Kraaiennest in Amsterdam South-East, near local center Bontekraai, Mosque Taibah, award-winning maker apartment building Kleiburg and the protected city area the ‘Bijlmer Museum’ with its stretched out Bijlmer apartment buildings in the shape of a honeycomb. Many will know the K-Buurt for the Bijlmer disaster, when one of the apartment buildings was hit by an airplane. But meanwhile the K-Buurt has made itself famous for another unique event: the 2018 Participation strike. It took place after local community network Hart voor de K-Buurt decided to withdraw from the conversation with the City of Amsterdam, after numerous public evenings without results, fighting for a real voice and inclusive procedures. The strike turned out to be a great success and now the network is operating at the heart of the decision making process when it comes to the future of its own environment.