No, some programmes during WeMakeThe.City are in English or both in English and Dutch. We also offer programmes where the language is no problem. On all programme pages on the website, it is explicitly stated if the programme is only relevant for Dutch or English speaking visitors.

There is a lot going on during WeMakeThe.City both in and outside of Amsterdam. We’ve developed a route-tool categorising the numerous programmes by city district. Here we’ve also set up a route bringing together the programmes taking place in the Metropolitan Region Amsterdam.

WeMakeThe.City offers numerous activities for children: they can learn about the city of the future while playing. Would you like to learn about the children’s programme? Tick the kids filter in our programme. We have also listed the activities suitable for children. If you’re under 16 you can join our weekend activities for free, after picking up your free festival wristlet at one of our WeMakeThe.City Info Points. Please bring your ID with you.

To give you a clear view of all the activities during WeMakeThe.City, we will shortly present the programme magazine. It is a handy guide for the festival showing the programmes per day and per city district and the regional cities. It won’t give you a comprehensive view of all the programmes during WeMakeThe.City, so make sure to also check the programme and route page on our website for more information. We will update you here shortly about the locations for obtaining the magazine.

In principle, all locations can be reached by bike or public transport. You can already map out your route through means of 9292ov or Google Maps. Think about the environment, and make use of sustainable transport if possible.

For more information about use of public transport: the train? Check out the train information at:

Most of the locations have paid parking facilities, but it is recommended to check if this applies for the locations you are about to visit. The website of the City of Amsterdam (Gemeente Amsterdam) offers all information.

On Wednesday up and until Saturday several conferences are taking place in the city. It is important to be present a maximum of half an hour in advance of the conference to register. This way we can facilitate a smooth flow of all visitors.

Yes, you can find all information about the various tickets and discounts at the ticket page.

No, you can have your ticket scanned on your smartphone.

All tickets, once paid for, can not be cancelled. There is no restitution for your purchased tickets.

If you have questions about the process of ordering tickets, please mail [email protected] Our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

The Festival Pass is 10,- euro. WeMakeThe.City offers discounts for the following visitors.

Are you currently studying or pursuing some form of higher education? You receive a 50% discount on your Festival Pass and on conference tickets. The discount is only valid in combination with a proof of registration. This will be checked at the venue.

CJP Pass Holders
If you have a CJP Pass, you receive a 50% discount on the Festival Pass. The discount is only valid in combination with a valid CJP Pass. This will be checked at the venue.

Stadspas-holders with a green mark receive 75% discount on the Festival Pass. This discount is only valid in combination with a valid Stadspas. This will be checked at the venue.

Children under the age of 16
Do you want to come with your whole family? No problem! Children under the age of 16 can visit the festival for free. Pick up a free wristband at one of our WeMakeThe.City info points. Bring your ID.

For all conferences taking place from Wednesday up and until Saturday, you can buy tickets via the corresponding programme pages. A festival pass gives you access to hundreds of fun and interesting activities over  the weekend. Visit the programme page to get more information on the Saturday and Sunday programming. On the ticket page you find more information about the use of your festival pass.

If you plan to have lunch during a conference, you can indicate this in advance via the WeMakeThe.City website. On the website you can see which rates apply per conference.

You can check out the programmes taking place every day on the WeMakeThe.City website. In all the specific programme pages on the website you can see where and at what time these programmes take place.