Operatie Rariteitekabinet (NL)

An action research on the trashdumping behaviour in the Gulden Winckelbuurt area.

Visit a curiosity cabinet in Bos en Lommer. Find facts on the trash dumping behaviour of residents and be amazed by the treasures of the streets.

Operation Curiosity Cabinet by Operatie Periscoop is an action research into the behaviour concerning garbage disposal in the neighbourhood of Gulden Winckel. How much is dumped? What kind of waste? What are the real hot spots? Items found on the streets have been incorporated into a curiosity cabinet: a mobile mini-museum filled with facts and arts, right on the pavement.

Image Operatie Rariteitenkabinet © Frouwkje Smit, 2019. Courtesy of Operatie Periscoop

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Tuesday 18 June 16.00 - 17.00
kruising Sara Burgerhartstraat en Krelis Louwenstraat (1055 KA Amsterdam)

This part of the programme is free of charge.