Bicycle route: Zaanse Climate Machines

Zaanse Climate machines along the provincial road in Zaanstad.

Visit nine Climate Machines along the Provincial Road in Zaanstad. On a chair made out of CO2 you can watch them at work and read an explanation on why they're here.

Take a look at the Zaanse Climate Machines along the Provincial Road in Zaanstad, read about their climate adaptive performance and admire their beauty from seats built from CO2. The approximately ten kilometres long provincial road in Zaanstad is equipped with climate machines to improve the local city climate. Climate machines use ecosystem services and they represent the most efficient installations for a climate-proof city. The most recent studies by TU Delft CITG and the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency have been used to calculate the performance.

A number of climate machines are explained at nine locations along the road, where you can take a seat and rest on chairs made from CO2. Discover the climate machines yourself: follow the colour green, the improved air and the calming effect.


  • The climate machines can be visited every day from 17 June to 23 June.
  • The Forbo Gardens – Tour – for dates check stadslabz
  • Ecosystem services – lecture by Eva Stache – for data check STAcHE ARCHITECT

The Zaanse Climcate Machine is a collaboration of GROENzaans, LABz en STAcHE ARCHITECT bna and based on

  • The project along the Provincial Road – a spatial initiative by Geertje van der Klei at the city lab LABz.
  • Groen as Building Material – TU Delft research into urban ecosystem services by Eva Stache.

The project was also made possible by Art Zaanstad, Volkstuinenvereniging Nut en Genoegen and Forbo. The photos are by Monique Zonneveld, Jolanda Hoogendoorn, Geertje van der Klei and Eva Stache. The route map was made by Geertje van der Klei. The CO2 seats are designed by Eva Stache. © – The name ‘Living climate machines’ was invented by Stef Janssen.

Places where the nine explained climate machines are located

  • 1 – Hembrugterrein – Art Zaanstad and Klimaatmachine: Grote Hulzen 11, Zaandam
  • 2 – Volkstuinvereniging Nut en Genoegen: Provinciale weg 18 Zaandam
  • 3 – Houtveldtunnel – at Q Park Hermitage: Hermitage 144, Zaandam
  • 4 – Hedge in Koog aan de Zaan: Parallelstraat 62, Koog aan de Zaan
  • 5 – Cemetery in Zaandijk; Dr. Jan Mulderstraat 1a, Zaandijk
  • 6 – De Groene As – Surinamestraat,: Wormerveer
  • 7 – House at the Provincial road: Plein 13 nr. 12, Wormerveer
  • 8 – Poplar tree opposite Wormerveer Station: Wandelweg 8, Wormerveer
  • 9 – Forbo – De Gardens: Industrieweg 12 Krommenie

Click here for the bikeroute.


Image: The Zaanse Climate Machine © STAcHE Architect. Courtesy of STAcHE Architect.

Sponsored by

  • Expeditie

Tuesday 18 June 08.00 - 22.00
Hembrugterrein & Art Zaanstad: Grote Hulzen 11, 1505 RX, Zaandam

This part of the programme is free of charge.