The VR House

Welcome in a VR living space.

Ever wondered about all that VR technology has to offer? Welcome to our VR house, make yourself at home.

Architecture and interior design are two industries that will benefit enormously from virtual reality (VR) applications. Already today, state of the art VR technologies and content are ready to fulfill the requirements of design and architectural work. They can depict materials, surfaces and designs in every detail.

Nowadays designers and architects can implement VR models where they traditionally had to invest a lot of time, material and costs to build physical full-size models and showrooms to make their drafts experienceable to future users. The creation of VR models needs a one-time investment at the beginning of the modelling process. Every later change will be much easier and cheaper to realise than at a real model. VR models help to make the creation of architecture and design more sustainable and efficient, as their use reduces the invest of time, money and material. According to the mission to connect the media business with other industries, the MedienNetzwerk Bayern connected a game development start-up with interior designers and architects to solve the task of building an interior design model in VR. The aim was on the one hand to bring game developers in touch with new business fields and to rise their awareness for business opportunities beyond the gaming sector. On the other hand architects and designers got in touch with the full spectrum of actual possibilities of VR development as it is already common in the gaming business, generally known as the most innovative sector in the field of XR. This project showed how they can practically benefit from the expertise of gaming specialists.

As part of the WeMakeThe.City Festival, the MedienNetzwerk Bayern will make the VR experience created in the scope of this collaboration accessible to the public.

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Monday 17 June 10.00 - 17.00
VondelCS: Vondelpark 3, 1071 AA, Amsterdam

This part of the programme is free of charge.