The Utopian Dinner

A futuristic 4-course dinner, during which guests are served dishes from the near future.

India Rose Klap grew up with a passion for food. After studying film, she developed into being a food designer. With her arts projects, she attempts to create a consciousness about the challenges in the food industry amongst consumers. She does so by serving them a literal version of 'Food for Thought'. At the same, her dishes are meant to sooth guests: which alternatives can we call upon when certain products won't be available in future times? For The Utopian Dinner in Restaurant Elixer, India prepares dishes which reflect upon challenges in the food industry. How does climate change impact our food production and thus, eating habits?

As the daughter of a chef, India Rose Klap, grew up in a tapas restaurant. She played with octopuses and lobsters and took naps in paella pans filled with pillows and chef’s tubes. From an early age she spent many hours in the kitchen and was brought up with a love for food. With her art projects she tries to make the consumer aware of the problems in the food industry with a real portion of food for thought. At the same time she reassures the consumer by providing a range of alternative solutions.

She bundles all the concepts, culinary experiences and recipes that she creates in the utopian handbook for the kitchen of tomorrow. An ever-growing collection of creations that are by no means the norm, sometimes not even feasible up to now, but which are a first step towards a better food industry.

On June 22 you can discover it yourself. Join the Utopian Dinner, a dinner consisting of a futuristic 4-course menu where guests are served dishes from the near future. Think of edible plastic soup, unusual meats and powdered food. The dinner is composed by artist India Rose Klap herself and is audibly accompanied by a soundscape by Max van der Wal.

Get your tickets for The Utopian Dinner here. With a WeMakeThe.City wristband, you get a 10,- euro discount. The Utopian Dinner will also take place on Saturday 22 June, in Restaurant Elixer. 


LOCAL SALADE: A salad made of ingredients within a radius of 7 km from the location of serving.

NEW AMSTERDAM LEVEL: Unusual animal species, salty vegetables & potatoes roasted in weeds butter.

EATABLE PLASTIC SOUP: A futuristic bouillabaisse with eatable bioplastic. In order to create a realistic representation of the sea. 

FOOD PHARMACY: Wonder berries, miraculous minerals & sugarless sweets.


17.30 – 18.00   Walk-in

Possibility to access the ‘Republic at Sea’ exhibition. 

18.00 – 19.30 The Utopian Dinner

19.30 – 20.00   Inloop Kadir van Lohuizen: Rising Tide, Urban Resilience

20.00 – 21.30 Kadir van Lohuizen: Rising Tide, Urban Resilience

21.30 – 22.00 End

Possibility to access the ‘Republic at Sea’ exhibition. 


Image: The Utopian Dinner © India Rose Klap, 2019. Courtesy of India Rose Klap.

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Thursday 20 June 17.30 - 22.00
Scheepvaartmuseum, Kattenburgerplein 1, 1018 KK Amsterdam

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