Future Cities

Stories behind urbanization and growth

An exhibition that will take you to the urban heart of five of the world’s most exciting emerging cities: Kinshasa, Lima, Yangon, Medellín and Addis Ababa.

Over 70% of the global population will be living in urban areas by 2050. Everyone knows Mumbai and Shanghai are booming – but which cities will challenge them when it comes to creativity, economic growth, entrepreneurship, and innovation? Where will it all be happening in 2025 or 2040?

The exhibition Future Cities takes you to the next generation of cities. To Kinshasa, Lima, Yangon, Medellín and Addis Ababa. Five cities, undergoing incredibly rapid economic and demographic growth, but which might not immediately spring to mind when thinking about the future of the world. Where international research agencies stop at ranking rapidly growing cities, Future Cities takes a deeper look. At the world and the people behind the growth and urbanisation statistics. The consequences of urbanisation are by no means all positive, but the makers of Future Cities aim above all to capture the ambition and progress this is unleashing – without losing sight of reality.

By recording and visually presenting the developments taking place, and life as it is lived in emerging cities, they transmit the inspiration, knowledge, and energy of the global cities of tomorrow. The protagonists from the Future Cities will be in Amsterdam during WeMakeThe.City. Fashion designer Louison from Kinshasa, cooking talents Elsa and Jocelyn from Lima, Masinko rock star Haddis from Addis Ababa, tech entrepreneur Carlos from Medellín, and artist and gallery owner Aung from Yangon.

In talks and events, they invite you to think about what it takes to develop vibrant and inclusive cities with room for authenticity and cultural development.

Click for the web documentary: www.futurecities.nl/en

Made possible by

  • Urban Expo

Tuesday 18 June 09.30 - 22.00
OBA: Oosterdokskade 143, 1011 DL Amsterdam

This part of the programme is free of charge.