From Waste to Want

How can you stimulate the population to change their views and usage of plastic? And how can you add value to plastic waste? A plastic tour in collaboration with WastedLab and VanPlestik

Plastic is a remarkable material. Low in cost, easy to manufacture and versatile. These qualities led to growth in plastic-based, industry-created material solutions. Today, we see industrial efficiency creating more and more problems for the environment and society. Plastic waste is a valuable material resource that is extremely under-tapped. Present-day solutions can profit from its abundant availability, innovating more human-scale processes that shape more sustainable and connected urban societies.

In the north of this city , you can find the plastic hub of Amsterdam where makers create. And the city’s waste becomes something to want. During this tour, we are going to take a look at the plastic makers WastedLab and VanPlestik. Through an online platform, Wastedlab stimulates the population to separate their waste by adding value to it. With the recycled plastic, VanPlestik is able to create new, high-quality products. By doing so, they are stimulating behavioural change. How can you activate the population to recycle? How can you change the perception of plastic, from waste to worth? And how exactly can you give worth to plastic waste?

Donderdag 20 juni 13.30 - 16.30
VanPlestik - Hamerstraat 2, 1021 JV, Amsterdam

LET OP: Dit programma-onderdeel is gratis, maar er zijn beperkt plaatsen beschikbaar. Reservering is vereist.

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