Architecture Of Hope

Rebuilding cities

What is the role of architecture in creating hope and supporting the designing of displacement? We look for examples and solutions from future plans, the present and history. Anticipating serious climate change Almere has set testing grounds for 2021 to future-proof the city. We explore how, with not enough financing, unplanned refugee camps can flourish. Then we visit the past and learn about the choices that Rotterdam made, and ask what would we do differently today rebuilding post-war cities.

What is the intersection between architecture and displacement? What is the role of architecture in creating hope and supporting the designing of displacement? In ‘Architecture of Hope’ we exchange knowledge about examples and solutions from across the globe, we learn from past, present and future plans.

How can we prepare for a future with serious climate change here in the Netherlands? A testing ground will be set in Almere in 2021 for project ‘Building for the world’. This is done with prototypes of houses both temporary and permanent, facilities and public spaces.

Another vulnerability is the case of the seventy million refugees in today’s world. Multiple supposedly temporary refugee-environments slowly turn into permanent unplanned megacities. We’ll explore ways of acting within and against the condition of permanent temporariness, such as ‘Campus in Camp’ and other innovations.

Then we look back and visit the historical choices of rebuilding Rotterdam. Today the city is thriving with the biggest port in Europe and a Muslim Mayor. We explore what would we do differently today and what we can learn about rebuilding post-war cities.

With different localities and reasons, we look for alternatives and ingredients for sustainable, integrated, connected, socially inclusive, affordable and resilient solutions. We build for hope.


© Coverimage: Unsplash, Jean-Guy Nakars

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Dinsdag 18 juni 20.00 - 22.00
Pakhuis de Zwijger, Piet Heinkade 179, 1019 HC, Amsterdam

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