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Opening Smart City Lab

Let’s create better cities, neighbourhoods and streets! Amsterdam Smart City is your innovation platform that brings together proactive citizens, innovative companies, knowledge institutions and public authorities to shape the city of the future.

Do you want to learn about the Amsterdam innovation approach and the innovation ecosystem in which we operate? How do we shape the city of the future together with proactive citizens, innovative companies, knowledge institutions and public authorities? After visits to four innovative organizations, we finish the tour with a festival launch of the new Amsterdam Smart City Lab and a ‘Borrel’. The partners and project you will get to know during the Tour:

Amsterdam Smart City consists of a public private partnership and an international community of more than 6.500 members. By sharing knowledge and by collaborating we come up with innovative solutions for metropolitan issues of a social, economic and ecological nature. This way we ensure that the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area remains liveable, now and in the years to come.

AMS Institute works on advanced metropolitan solutions. AMS has developed a Living Lab method to urban experimentation which is now being applied on the Marineterrein. Find out how the Marineterrein is being transformed in a living lab and what this means for organizations looking to test and scale their solutions.

NEMO Kennislink is a program by NEMO focused on developing formats for inclusive and accessible participation. With the rise of the Smart City comes seemingly endless array of possibilities, but is also accompanied by uncertainties, dilemmas and concerns. All parties should participate in this debate, but there are many questions how to engage (all of) them effectively. Through its Kennislink program, NEMO connects stakeholders such as living labs, municipalities, businesses and scientists to citizens in meaningful dialogues and co-creation. Omons implements democratic principles into a digital platform to involve local residents in decision making about transitioning to sustainable energy for their houses and neighborhood. Making a successful transition to sustainable energy not only depends on the efforts of countries, cities and companies but most importantly on the support of local residents. Omons will provide a workshop on how the digital platform involves local residents in decision-making about sustainable living. ‘Amsterdammers, Make Your City!’ is the legacy of Amsterdam winning the European “Innovation Capital” award in 2016. During this visit, you will hear from Kennisland, the initiator of the program about this social innovation accelerator for a healthy and talented city.


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Donderdag 20 juni 14.00 - 17.00
Amsterdam Smart City Lab, Kattenburgerstraat 5 gebouw 002A, Amsterdam

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