Digital Social Innovation (for Sustainability)

Many new innovations tackling social problems are being developed online, using apps, platforms and data systems. This exciting field is called Digital Social Innovation (DSI): digital innovations for social purposes. The DSI4EU project identifies how citizens and organisations use technologies for the social good, how they can become better at it, and which technologies are fit at all.

In this break-out session, we will discuss the principles underlying digital social innovation, and look at practices undertaken by citizens, focussing on food, energy and air quality. What does an ‘open source sustainability’ look like? What challenges do the DSI projects face? And how can cities engender a lively ‘social tech’ scene?

With: Socrates Schouten (Waag)

This workshop is part of the second round of the break-out sessions (14:15-15:15h) of the day conference Next Generation Cities on Thursday, June 21.