Lorenzo Lipparini

Lorenzo Lipparini

Lorenzo Lipparini is alderman for Participation, Active Citizenship and Open Data in Milan. Milan currently functions as a national example; the municipality invests, seeks connections and experiments with questions regarding the future of the city.

As secretary for the Association “Enzo Tortora – Radicali Milan” (a political initiative that aims to promote, coordinate and support the initiatives of Italian Radicals and of the associations constituting the Transnational Radical Party) from 2004 to 2006 and again from 2015 to 2016, he animated referendums and campaigns for legality, justice and civil rights on topics such as assisted fertilization, living wills, egalitarian marriage, the anti-prohibitionism, the moratorium on capital punishment and for a united and federal Europe.

From 2006 to 2009 he worked in Brussels and Strasbourg on the staff of the Radical Party deputies in the European Parliament following the work of the Foreign Affairs, Human Rights and Civil Liberties Commissions and dealing with transparency and free software.

In Milan he is one of the founders of the “MilanoSìMuove” Committee, which promotes the referendum for the quality of the environment and sustainable mobility in Milan. In 2011, this lead to 5 successfull referendums on mobility and the environment, obtaining the redevelopment of the Darsena, the project for the reopening of the Navigli and the establishment of Area C.

He was also involved in business consultancy and for the Third Sector, coordinating the Italian activities of the Onlus Il Sorriso dei miei Bimbi which operates with educational projects in the Rocinha favela of Rio de Janeiro.
Alderman Lipparini will speak on Wednesday June 19, during the Urban Conference: Co-creating the City.

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