This year at WeMakeThe.City, the emphasis is on inclusiveness. It is celebrated in the festival promotional movie, where ‘cre-activitsts’ call upon everyone to make better cities for everyone. Marcel Kampman, the filmmaker, collaborated with the Mundus College in Amsterdam New West.

‘It is a VMBO-school with a department for students with a different language’, Kampman explains. ‘A very special and super diverse school.’ Many of the students can be seen performing in the film which was shot on different locations in and outside of Amsterdam. Passers-by and curious onlookers also made spontaneous appearances. 

Kampman is also responsible for co-production Stadsbeloften (City Promisses), the pictures of which can be found on may of the promotional material of WeMakeThe.City. ‘They are photographs made by Cees Glastra van Loon’, Kampman says. ‘He shows the rich potential of the metropolitan area, which will be the basis for our future, improved cities. Cees has ben working at the Mundus College for over 25 years as a teacher. And last year he finished his studies at the Photo Academy.’ Earlier, Glastra van Loon published ’20’ on the dreamers in New West.

Watch the promotional movie here.

Camera: Jeroen Mons, Bjorn Eerkes, Marcel Kampman
Audio: Diets Dijkstra
Art: Stang and Marcel Kampman
Production: Happykamping